2016 Mercedes E class – Review and Release

Mercedes’s E class was one of the best selling Mercedes row of models for a long time. It’ll be completely redesigned for model year 2016. With this Mercedes plans to revive it’s good sales and make this model as famous as it was in it’s prime years. When we talk about new model, the 2016 Mercedes E class, there is some new details and improvements.

2016 Mercedes E class Design and Style

New model will give much more advantage to it’s style then to space inside the cabin and luggage compartment. 2016 Mercedes E class will be aerodynamic and sporty looking. It will have lower positioned grille, bigger front and rear bumpers and four LED headlamps combined. Shell won’t be made out of light materials because it’s price went up, so this vehicle will be at least 220 lb heavier then the C class. It will come in few versions: four-door coupe, plus two-door coupe and soft-top versions.

2016 Mercedes E class
New E class will have redesigned cabin with numerous hi tech features like: two full-size color monitors, efficient electric surface heating which is going to eliminate some air vents. It will have a navigation system that can guide you via real images, and the window tint which you can turn on and off to secure more privacy inside the cabin (useful when going on a date), head-up display and much more.
2016 Mercedes E class

The Engine range and Options

2016 Mercedes E class will come with in-line three-, four- or six-cylinder powerpacks. They’ll install it by combining cylinders of around 500cc, system which is proved efficient on BMW engines earlier. These types of engines can share 60% of all parts, which will cut the production costs for about 35%. Petrol six cylinder engines will range from 200 to 400bhp. Turbocharged four cylinder engines will come with six-speed manual transmission boxes. There are also rumors that Mercedes will issue a hybrid version of its E class with 30 mile zero emission range, boosting power of these hybrid motors would be around 80bhp or 110bhp. They also plan to introduce mild-hybrid 2016 Mercedes E class which will pull out 40bhp and have just a three-mile zero emission range.

2016 Mercedes E class interior

2016 Mercedes E class Price and Release date

Price of the new model is still unknown as well as the release date, but we are sure that the price of new E class will defer much from how much the older models cost since this year’s model will have some really ground breaking technology. The only thing that can influence on the new E class being at least close to the older models price can be a new method of assembling engines which will cut the costs in this area.

2016 Mercedes E class rear view

Mercedes has big plans for 2016 model, they plan to make it highly popular like some older Mercedes models which were the brandname for luxury, style and functionality.


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