Top-rated Motorhomes – Best For 2020

America and Europe have a long tradition of motorhome vacations. This is not so strange considering all the benefits of this type of vacation. These vehicles are almost an ideal choice for all camping lovers. They are also great for families with children, young people – but also for retirees who love active holidays.


If you once had the opportunity to afford such a vacation, then you know that with a good vehicle you can travel all over the country and abroad – and the travel will still be far more affordable when it comes to price because you have 2 in 1 – accommodation and transportation. And it’s all in one vehicle.

The unpacking will no longer be a problem, and some motor homes can be very luxurious. It all depends on your taste and the budget you have at your disposal. What are the new camper trends and what is most popular in 2020 when it comes to motor homes? We will try to find out for you.

Alkoven Camper


Motor homes like Alcoven are very spacious and comfortable. Their prototype is a production truck, which means they have a characteristic projection. Above the driver’s cabin is a double bed and because of this superstructure, the minimum recess height is 3 meters. The capacity of such a machine is up to 7 people.

Full-fledged motor homes, or as they are called campers, are both – the housing section with a car. For example, a larger module is mounted on the production car chassis than a regular cabin, which has everything you need for life and comfort. The length of the module varies from 3 to 6 meters, while its width is slightly more than 2 meters. Of course, more spacious houses were invented, for example, two-story houses, similar to huge residential buses.

The conditions in such vehicles are the most comfortable, but the price for such satisfaction is impressive, so they are less in demand. In any case, the auto home is only used for traveling, because if you live in it all the time, you need a special vehicle for traveling. Also, affordable mobile homes are too small for a comfortable stay. However, it’s very good so we put it on our list.

Modern philosophy – caravanning


Although auto-tourism has long been developed around the globe, this movement in many countries is only gaining momentum. Motorhomes vary in their internal layout, that is, the location and number of beds, refrigerator, toilet and shower, and other details. In all other respects, such residential transportation has similar characteristics – there is heating and the material of the walls is polyester. Inexpensive models, a double floor can be installed to provide thermal and sound insulation. And if the walls are insulated, then in such a room you can live in the cold season. It should be remembered that due to its modest surface and narrow body, the structure’s appearance looks strange. Modern mobile homes are truly comfortable, with beds, a kitchen, a bathroom and complete engineering equipment that enables autonomous operation or connection to external communications.

An alternative to a full-fledged home on wheels


Those who own a minivan, SUV or minibus can also opt for a caravan. It is similarly equipped as the campers, but you can get it at a much lower price. This solution allows you to save on transit. More precisely, there is no need to pay customs duties because the trailer is not considered a car. Most often, the trailers are designed for 2 people, for which there are full-fledged places to rest and sleep.

The maximum capacity of the trailer is not more than 5 people, so the family will be able to enjoy the shared journey. If the trailer was purchased for a vacation with friends, then it is more rational to keep in mind the model where the bathroom is located in the center. So, neither the guests nor the owners sleeping in the caravan will interfere with the dream, going to the toilet.

Diaxial trailers


This is one of the better options for people who plan to use a camping trailer permanently. It is pretty big and usually has an interesting layout. But if you don’t like the layout, you can also customize it to your taste. On the other hand, if you want to ride comfortably around town and countryside and do not want to stop for long – a short one-axle trailer is recommended.

Motorhomes – Trends For 2020


How nice it is to have your house wherever you want. For many, this desire is hardly achievable. One possible solution is a motorhome. Whatever you may want to know about these luxury giants – find out on SkoolieLivin. We’ll present you with some big and luxury caravan models and some small but very interesting models that will be in trend this year.

1. Home – Transformer


It is similar to the previous trailer types, but its main difference is the size. The transformer has a significantly larger trailer. At the same time, the apartment itself is completely self-contained or even a two-story wheeled house. It is possible to arrange not only the necessary amenities but also the distribution of a large number of rooms.

2. Integrated Motorhomes


The least similar to a car model. Of course, they have an engine, wheels, and chassis, but the cabin is designed on a special design and is part of the living space. Such motor homes are equipped with not only the most essential but also luxury items. Of course, the cost of such cars on wheels is tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of euros. They also have an egg-shaped house, which is compact and yet accommodates up to 6 people.

Now let’s look at some more luxurious models. Of course, you have to have a much bigger budget for them, but the enjoyment and luxury that they give you are far greater.

Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45 DLQ


It can easily replace the usual worldwide wearable residence. The mobile home is equipped with everything you need: a kitchen, a bathroom, a shower, a comfortable bedroom, and a bar. Living here and riding the roads in such motorhomes is a real pleasure. For unbeatable comfort, $ 464,000 must be paid.

Country Coach Magna 630


With a price tag of $ 495,000, this vehicle ranks high in the list of the most expensive and luxurious motorhomes. This luxury bus has a beautiful exterior and interior design. Made in brown hues of walnut wood, the interior brings special luxury and comfort. It has everything you need for a comfortable life.

Foretravel IH-45


This is a Foretravel’s most luxurious and expensive motorhome. This company has been producing buses since 1967. This released model belongs to the luxury class and impresses with its uniqueness and exclusivity. Unrivaled noise isolation and vibration suppression make the movement of passengers as comfortable as possible. The floors and walls are made of high quality, non-corrosive steel. The cost of such a smart mobile-villa is $ 1.3 million.

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