2016 Ford C-Max

One of the latest editions is new 2016 Ford C-max. Ford C-Max is one of the most popular MPVs currently on sale in Europe. There are lots of reasons for the popularity of this car, most notable is the price, which makes this card very affordable and one of the cheapest in its class.

However, the situation is completely different in the United States, where C-Max is one of the worst selling Ford cars at the moment. The reason is simple and understandable – there is only one version of this car for North America – hybrid version. While hybrid cars have certain appeal among buyers, especially among those who are worried about ecology, these cars are not bestsellers.

However, it appears that the Ford has decided to correct this and make the 2016 Ford C-Max the same for everyone, meaning that the customers in United States, for example, will be able to choose from regular to hybrid version of this popular MPV. This is not the only change that Ford has in store for next generation C-Max – the car will be also changed on the outside and on the inside, where the cabin will get a complete redesign.

 2016 Ford C-Max Design


While the 2016 Ford C-Max is an update of the current model and not a completely new car, it will still get a few design changes, that will be visible at the first glance. On the front of the car, most notable change will be the new chrome grille and new and sharp headlights with LED lights. These changes in the front will help the 2016 Ford C-Max fit in better in the current line up. The back of the car will mostly remain intact, except for the taillights, which are also going to be changed, just like the headlights. New alloy wheel designs will be offered as an option.

2016 Ford C-Max road 2


When you compare the interior of the 2016 Ford C-Max with its predecessor, you can easily see how different the cabin is – from new dashboard to new seats. However, the interesting thing is – if you take a closer look – you can actually see that the interior is completely borrowed from the new Ford Focus. This does not necessarily mean that it is a bad thing – Focus is selling really well at the moment and there are lot of great reviews for that same interior. It shows that Ford did not want to risk anything, but used what already sells well and put it together.

The Engine range

The 2016 Ford C-Max will come with a few different engines. There is total of four different engines – two petrol and two diesel (latest reports suggest that these diesel engines will only be available in Europe). The base model will have 1.0l EcoBoost engine that produces around 120 horsepower. For those who want a stronger engine, there will be a 1.5l EcoBoost that produces around 170 horsepower.

2016 Ford C-Max Price and Release date

Pricing has not yet been announced, but experts suggest that the base 2016 Ford C-Max will cost around $20,000. At this moment, it is not known when will car go on sale, but reports suggest that it will happen before the end of 2015.


More details: http://www.caranddriver.com/ford/c-max

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