2016 Ford Escape Redesign

Here’s the new 2016 Ford Escape. While Escape used to be more boxy during its second generation, it was also quite ahead of its time thanks to both hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.

These have been discontinued with the generation shift, and blue oval’s compact crossover is currently offered exclusively with internal-combustion engines. Still, 2016 Ford Escape will be refreshed just like the most of Ford’s lineup and it could get a new hybrid addition as well. Whether that’s going to happen, we shall see.

The Engine range

Escape is currently offered with some rather fuel-efficient powertrains and hybrid model might seem pointless. However, even 1.6L turbo four doesn’t offer the figures that old hybrid models used to, even though it is closer than the rest of current powertrain lineup. With that in mind, and with base Escape’s engine being 2.5L naturally aspirated 4-cylinder, future Escape hybrid could be offered with good, old Atkinson cycle powertrain. 2.5L AC 4-cylinder unit seems as a safe choice, and i should be combined with 100-horsepower electric motor or similar unit in order to raise as much as 200 hp of total hybrid system power.

2016 Ford Escape side view

2016 Ford Escape Redesign – Interior & Exterior

Escape is getting ready for a facelift, but don’t expect complete overhaul; mid-cycle refresh will be mild. Biggest change is reserved for somewhat bland front fascia whose huge lower air intake and thin upper airdam should be resized and become more proportional. Otherwise, expect some minimal changes in Escape’s tailgate department which could also borrow new chrome garnish and different tail-lights as well.

2016 Ford Escape interior

Interior will be refurbished accordingly. Materials will remain the same, hence all 2016 Ford Escape’s, including new, hybrid models will be offered with either cloth seats in base versions or with leather options in top, Platinum grades. Escape’s futuristic dashboard layout will remain the same as well, and only new graphics and color options will be introduced. Hybrid versions won’t be offered without Ford’s smart gauge with EcoGuide which has been a success over the years. Feature list will be carried over as well, and we don’t see which additional options could Ford implement in order to tweak things a bit.

2016 Ford Escape

Top grades will still benefit from some luxurious options like Sony’s premium sound system, ambient lighting and leather-wrapped surfaces, but this still isn’t a luxury car. Safety features are rather rich for a compact, and apart from mandatory options, 2016 Ford Escape hybrid offers a rearview camera,  front and rear parking assist, blind-spot monitors and cross-traffic alerts.

2016 Ford Escape Price and MPG

Fuel efficiency of conventional models is best at some 25 mpg combined with already mentioned 1.6L turbo option, but hybrid models used to be rated at 34 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway which are significantly better figures. Hybrid Escape most likely won’t be offered in base trim level and should instead come as either SE or Titanium version. This means that its prices will probably sit between $30,000 and $35,000.

2016 Ford Escape side view 2

2016 Ford Escape hybrid should be a welcome addition to blue oval’s compact crossover lineup. Even though new Escapes feature downsized engines, their fuel efficiency still can’t reach hybrid heights and newest option is here to fix that.

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