2014 Honda Pilot – Price and Performance

For many purchasers the 2014 Honda Pilot will be the perfect SUV. It’s mid-size on the outside, with all the resultant perks in ability to move and auto parking ease, yet with the 8-passenger capability of full-size versions. Factor in tested Honda integrity and client fulfillment, the enjoyable driving experience, good resale worth, its extensive offering of features and that it’s the most fuel-efficient 8-passenger SUV on the marketplace, and it’s really tough not to like the 2014 Pilot.

Its competitors include the Nissan Pathfinder, Chevrolet Traverse, Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander, all having their very own characteristics and tourist attractions, but seating just 7 guests and doing not have the Pilot’s allure. The 2014 Pilot is a near-ideal choice for reliable and effective transport for households and their equipment.

Powertrains and Performance

Regardless of trim degree, all 2014 Honda Pilots use the same powertrain: a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 250 horsepower and 253 pound-feet of torque that runs through a five-speed automated transmission. Front-wheel drive is standard, but any type of Pilot can be bought with an all-wheel-drive system that immediately shifts as long as 70 percent of energy to the back tires if the front tires start to slide. A driver-selectable “lock” feature routes optimal torque to the back tires in 1st or 2nd equipment at reduced rates to aid free a stuck Pilot.
Edmunds efficiency screening saw an all-wheel-drive Pilot Touring accelerate from a standstill to 60 mph in 8.9 seconds, while a front-wheel-drive version did it in 8.3. Both are a little bit slower than average. The Pilot’s EPA-estimated economy stands at 21 mpg integrated (18 city/25 motorway) for front-drive models and 20 mpg integrated (17 city/24 freeway) for AWD variants.

A front-drive Pilot could tow 2,000 pounds, while the all-wheel-drive versions are ranked for 4,500 pounds when appropriately equipped.

Interior and Special Features

The biggest knock versus the Honda Pilot’s inside is the generally downmarket appearance of the log cabin trim– it’s a couple steps down from the nicely selected Honda Accord. Otherwise, the 2014 Pilot has a beneficial indoor design with considerate specifics and clearly shared instrumentation.
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Unlike other three-row crossovers, the Pilot’s third row provides genuinely appropriate room for grownups. The seat cushions for the 2nd and third rows are also low, obliging longer-legged travelers into even more of a squatting, knees-up position. The Chevy Traverse and Ford Flex are a lot more comfortable hereof. That said, if you genuinely require eight-passenger capacity, the Pilot, in addition to the Traverse, is among your few alternatives in the crossover SUV training.
With the 2nd- and third-row seats stored, the Pilot could hold up to 87 cubic feet of payload. This figure is technically less than some rivals, however the Pilot’s boxy form functions to its benefit, permitting it to much more conveniently approve bulkier items with ease. For smaller products, there are a lot of considerate storage containers and pockets throughout the log cabin.

2014 Honda Pilot Price & Comfort

The Pilot looks big from the outside, and that translates inside, also. There seating for as much as eight passengers, though entering and from the third row could be challenging if you’re not as little or nimble as your youngsters.

The Pilot’s front seats are generously sized and supportive for lengthy freeway hauls, and the second-row seats do slide fore and aft to assist get the best equilibrium of legroom between the third and 2nd rows; they additionally aid accessibility to the rearmost row– a little. Both the 2nd and 3rd rows fold up onward and are divided 60/40.
Practicality remains among the viewpoints from which the Pilot excels; it’s overflowing with cubbies, owners, and bins for smaller sized products. The only problem we have is that the hard-plastic surfaces and trimmings that you’ll locate throughout the dashboard and door trim and center console, while they may be easy for family members to rub clean, additionally can really feel a little bit low-rent.
With an upright style that performs to the majority of the interior, the cabin is roomy and practical, and it’s one of few automobiles this size to have a 3rd row that’s spacious enough for adults. Concerning the only point that keeps the 3rd row from managing to fit all adults– acquiring in and out aside– is headroom, which is tighter at the far back.

Noise improvement in the Pilot is truly superior, with engine and road sound remarkably little and well-damped wind noise.
The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the base model 2014 Honda Pilot LX trim degree with rear-wheel drive is best around $30,000. Resale is likewise a plus with the 2014 Honda Pilot, as it is expected to keep recurring values that are around affordable with those of the Toyota Highlander and Nissan Pathfinder and greater compared to those for the Chevrolet Traverse and Ford Explorer.


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