2014 Chrysler Imperial – Release date and Price

The latest, 2014 Chrysler Imperial is the most luxury and prestigious model of all Chrysler cars. It was produced from 1955 until 1975. It had short reapereance in 1981, which lasted until 1983. First out of new Imperial line cars was launched by Chrysler in 2006. and it was presented for the first time on North American International Auto Show in Detroit as a concept car.

2014 Chrysler Imperial side vbiew
There are rumors that Chrysler plans to start the mass production of Imperial, and to make it competitive to the Rolls Royce Phantom.If Chrysler starts the production of this model it will be assembled in Chrysler’s Brampton facility in Canada, same as the Chrysler 300 and other Chrysler and Dodge cars based on LX platform

2014 Chrysler Imperial Design – Inside and Outside

Until now we only saw Chrysler Imperial on auto shows as a concept vehicle. Its flashy and luxurious look can easily become a brand name for this model. Chrysler says that in making of this model they were inspired by the 30’s and 50’s sedans. This model have a lot of resemblance to its possibal main competitor Rolls Royce Phantom, simmilar front part and a suicide doors on both models tell us Chrysler is planing to take what’s best from the Rolls and add it to their Imperial model to make it more competitive.
2014 Chrysler Imperial interior 2
This car is made on new extended LX platform marked as LY. LX platform based cars are for example Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum, Dodge Charger etc. Imperial with its new LY platform will be more streched then those, with its additional 3 inches in wheelbase and 17 additional inches in lenght

Interior of this model will be as luxury as possible. It will have premium leather upholstery and a lot of wood inside the cabin. Large procentage of interior details would be handcrafted and made to compete with Rolls Phantom interior features. This car will come with a lot of cutting edge hi tech features and literarely nothing could suprise us in that field.
2014 Chrysler Imperial 2

Under the Hood and Price

Chrysler Imperial will probably come with powerful 5.7L Hemi engine that can pull out magnificent 340 horsepower and 390 lb pt of torque.

Price and release date if there is going to be any are still unknown. Price of Chrysler Imperial will probably be lower then the price of Rolls Royce Phantom.
2014 Chrysler Imperial front view

2014 Chrysler Imperial Production

Chrysler is planning to start the production of this luxury vehicle for a few years now, before they aborted it because of oil prices and World Economic Crisis, but we think now is the time to start with this adventure, because after the crisis settled down, new luxury cars are emerging on the market and becoming more popular every year. If Chrysler decides to start the production of Imperial any time soon, they will defenetely rock the market of luxury cars, but could they compete with Rolls, we need to wait and see for ourselves.


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