2015 Subaru WRX vs. 2014 Subaru BRZ – Which is better

So you have $30,000 to invest and you want to acquire something sporty. Do you like speed, adrenaline, sound of power torque, excitation, sound of drifting, sound of brake… These cars are so powerful and fast. You will enjoy reading comparisons below between 2015 Subaru WRX and 2014 Subaru BRZ.

You could go a bunch of different instructions. You can spring for a bounding, grunting, if relatively basic, Mustang. Or you could go an additional direction and obtain a refined, Teutonic Volkswagen GTI. But, for our money, two of the most interesting efficiency offerings under $30,000 come from one company: Subaru.

2015 Subaru WRX front

The BRZ and the brand new 2015 WRX stand for really various paths for the performance-oriented vehicle driver, both with a whole lot to suggest them. In the end, selecting in between them might state more about the motorist than the vehicle. However, still, which should you acquire?
As an aside, yes, the BRZ is likewise marketed by Scion as the FR-S. Subaru, nevertheless, designed the system. So even if you acquire the Scion FR-S, I still think about it as a Suby.

Performance and Power

The 2015 WRX packs 268 horse power from its turbocharged 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder. The BRZ uses a normally aspirated model of that extremely same flat-four, but only scuffs out 200 hp.
That could recommend that the WRX walks away with this classification, however it’s not as basic as that. The BRZ was constructed from scratch to feel like a cars. It has rear-wheel drive and the Subaru designers also put the BRZ on European Prius tires to make it livelier and more powerful.

2015 Subaru WRX rear

All of the tweaks to make the WRX a gravel-tossing eager beaver make it likewise somewhat less driver-focused than the BRZ. The all-wheel drive WRX rally machine would certainly monster the active BRZ in simply regarding any kind of muddy situation.I slightly like the feel of the BRZ. To be reasonable, nonetheless, I will not get to drive WRX till December.


This might be the utmost battle for entry-level efficiency vehicle buyers. Unlike someone getting a Ferrari, we can not just jump in our Rolls-Royce when we need to take the youngsters to school. This implies that a great, entry-level efficiency car has to a minimum of make believe to be efficient, to ensure that you can validate getting it.

Let’s first appearance at the BRZ, which immediately faces some issues on this front. Sure, it has rear seats. They are so small, though, that only legless children en route to football technique will certainly find them comfy– and that type of defeats the function.As for the front seats, they’re at least large sufficient that even my freakishly high publisher, Nick Jaynes, can fit. So there’s that.
Subaru brags the BRZ and the WRX have huge sufficient trunks that they could match 4 spare track-day tires and a flooring jack. This is great till you understand that the back seats should be folded up flat in both cars in order to accomplish this objective.

2015 Subaru WRX interior

The BRZ isn’t totally impractical, though, similar to the automated you can get 28 integrated mpg, even when driving it like a fool.Ultimately, also the BRZ’s capacity to pleasantly seat vehicle journalists dealing with gigantism isn’t sufficient to conquer what has constantly been the selling point of the WRX: useful, budget friendly performance.

Although the brand new WRX is just offered in sedan form, as the hatchback has actually been sent the way of the polar bear, it still is far-and-away a lot more functional compared to the BRZ.
Step outside the brand new WRX inside that flaunts almost two additional inches of back passenger legroom and it additionally profits from Subaru’s permanent ‘symmetrical’ all-wheel drive system with torque vectoring. Having a torque-vectored AWD device implies you could drive it through the battle of the Somme and over Donner-pass on your means to go winter sports without ever shedding traction. I risk you to try that in a BRZ.

Advantage: WRX.

2014 Subaru BRZ side view


Buying a cars is like acquiring a Wonderbra; you may look excellent in it, however when someone gets you from it they are visiting be disappointed.I indicate … buying a cars states that you are an appealing individual that enjoys driving fascinating automobiles. Yeah … that’s the ticket!
Honestly, though, this is the issue that we car burns out face; we desire to drive something great without feeling or looking like a nincompoop or total ass.

The entry-level market has always made this hard, because most car manufacturers compensated for an absence of performance with shout-y bodies and annoying advertising campaign.Both the Subaru WRX and the BRZ are a large action up in this direction. Yes, 23-year-old unemployable frat boys traditionally make up the ordinary WRX driver.

2014 Subaru BRZ side

The lines are grown up therefore is the inside. The WRX still seems intendeded for frat boys, but now they are all five years older and have children. This indicates that everyone who has consistently loved the WRX but has been afraid to be seen in one is ultimately free of cost to shout their passion from the roofs … well maybe murmur from the roofs.The BRZ absolutely has a little of that Subaru rally automobile, look-at-me styling. To me, the cross-gender appeal of the BRZ is a terrific factor to possess one.

Benefit: BRZ

Verdict about comparison between 2015 Subaru WRX and BRZ

The BRZ is a remarkable car, and I think one that will certainly be born in mind for a generation to come. In an era of hyper-powered computer systems on wheels, the BRZ sticks out for its traditional simplicity and focus. It is a quite cool vehicle.Since I am not interesting, and have a pet, I would most likely stroll in to the Subaru car dealership, look mournfully at the BRZ, and afterwards clear out in the 2015 WRX with a big smile on my face and my pet dog in the back.

2014 Subaru BRZ interior

There simply isn’t anything equivalent in regards to functionality and performance to the WRX, especially now that The Mitsubishi EVO is nearing its 1,000 th birthday celebration.That being stated, I may alter my tune if a BRZ STI finally appears. In the meantime, though, the 2015 WRX has my heart.

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Concerning Subaru

Subaru is a Japan-based car manufacturer whose current offerings are both efficient and enjoyable to drive. The car manufacturer crafts automobiles whose all-wheel-drive powertrains and offered turbochargers help with sharp performance. Incongruously, most Subaru vehicles are functional and very discreet enough to serve as competent family haulers, and the brand name is understood for flaunting some of the most effective crash examination ratings in the automotive globe.

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