2015 Pontiac Trans AM – Price and Release date

For all car lovers and fanatics out there, the 2015 Pontiac Trans AM is a car to truly watch out for. However, not officially released, good information has leaked giving people a hint of what to expect. The model also has a convertible version that is just as mind blowing.

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It has a 3 liter twin turbo incline- six, which generates around 425 horsepower and 405 Ib-ft worth of torque. This is in sharp contrast to the old 4 liter naturally aspirated V8 and it will consume far less fuel and give equally as less emissions.

2015 Pontiac Trans AM top

2015 Pontiac Trans AMĀ Under the Hood and Performance

This car is more powerful and weighs less than its predecessor by around 160 pounds. Combined with a dual clutch gearbox, it has awesome performance. It can go from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.1 seconds, which pales the time of 4.6 of its predecessor. However, the maximum speed of the car has been electronically fixed to 155 mph. a standard six-speed gear box complete with an auto throttle blipping function is supplied. If you opt for the latest upgrades including burnout functions, you should choose the seven speed dual clutch that has far more interesting features.
2015 Pontiac Trans AM rear
The physique of the car is to die for. It incorporates carbon-fiber reinforced plastic on the roof, a brace under the hood and a conspicuous body work on the prop shaft. All this combines to form a more powerful, lighter car with a suspension system optimized for performance. For those who like to drift, the car has a special dynamic mode that makes drifting as fun as ever. Thus, the 1500 kg this Pontiac Trans AM really combines great performance and aerodynamics to make up for one very fine machine.

2015 Pontiac Trans AM interior

Style – Description

The front bumper has air curtains in the front. This play to increase stability as it moves air to the wheel wells. In addition, the front apron is designed to take in huge amounts of air that circulates throughout the entire car to provide a low center of gravity. The seats inside are leather covered and the interior in general is well furnished.

2015 Pontiac Trans AM side view 2

2015 Pontiac Trans AM Release Date and Price

This particular Pontiac Trans AM of 2015 is set to be unveiled in the Detroit auto show after which it will hit showrooms in the summer. The price range is predicted to begin at $ 22 995 which can prove the least expensive price tag. Most people are eager to see the launch of this car and it is for good reason since this is just not any car. It is a machine made to perfection.


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