2015 Mercedes S600 Pullman – Review and Price

Mercedes-benz business always makes high-end vehicles and extremely cars. Mercedes Benz is preparing a redesigned S-Class through this 2015 Mercedes S-Class. This 2015 Mercedes S600 launch could hop on subsequent year like the replacement from the CL-Class Coupe. Like the passion of Karl and Gottlieb, this 2015 S-Class will definitely be released as much as 6 completely different versions.

2015 Mercedes S600 pullman
Our forecast concerning these versions might operate as the short-wheelbase S-Class, the long-wheelbase S-Class, the extra-long-wheelbase S-Class, A six-door S-Class Pullman, and another 2 variants that aren’t disclosed. This 2015 S-Class could be a distinctive coupe while none competition, because Audi and BMW don’t make any coupe making use of the same size. But, the closest and the primary comparable coupe that could be a competitor for that 2015 S-Class is that the Bentley Continental GTC. Like the crown jewel of Mercedes Benz, this 2015 S-Class will certainly be supplying the greater technologies, fast efficiency, and also the polished and glamorous attributes.

Additional Information

Platform: The brand-new Pullman could take advantage of the next-generation S-class system, that itself will certainly be rather stretched when compared with the current model’s. Such as the most up-to-date SL roadster, subsequent S-class and Pullman could create in depth use of light weight aluminum and some various other light-weight materials.

2015 Mercedes S600 Pullman Prices

Determined Arrival and Price: The S-class Pullman won’t show up until the 2015 design year. Figure on any sort of hefty costs– 10s of lots and manies bucks a many compared to the regular S600’s sticker label, that nowadays stands at $162, 975.

Competition: Audi A8L, Bentley Continental Flying Spur, long-wheelbase variations of the BMW 7-series, Rolls-Royce Ghost.

What Might Go Wrong

One of Maybach’s troubles was that it created cars that felt and look also similar to their S-class contemporaries while amounting to greater than two times as much. Compared to Bentley and Rolls-Royce, it is feasible that this S-class will just fall short to delight or create the extra sense of luxury that’s required.

The Engine

The Pullman will absolutely be supplied being an S600 having a 5. 5-liter twin-turbo V-12; a 4. 6-liter twin-turbo V-8 is really an opportunity, as is really a hybrid powertrain, if perhaps to suit owners and operators in cities whose facilities might perhaps be closed to motor vehicles along with internal-combustion electricity. There will definitely be no AMG variation offered since car is targeted a lot of after the client and never the vehicle driver.


The brand-new Pullman will make use of the next-generation S-class platform, which itself will be somewhat extended contrasted to the present model’s. Like the most current SL roadster, the following S-class and Pullman will make substantial usage of light weight aluminum and other light-weight materials.

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