2015 Toyota Rav4 Changes and Price

2015 Toyota Rav4 is the new model of one of the most popular crossover vehicles. This car was also a first crossover vehicle ever made. It was made to combine off road capability, trunk space and four wheel drive of an SUV vehicle, together with manuverability and fuel economy of a compact car.

Its name stands for Recreational Active Vehicle, while the number four in the name stands for a four wheel drive. It is made in two versions with short and long wheelebase, short wheelbase models are sold on Japanesse and other Asian markets, while the long wheelbase models are sold in United States, Canada and Australia.

2015 Toyota Rav4 side view

This model completely lost its previous SUV looks. Toyota designers made a huge effort to make this model as carlike as possible. Spare tire that used to be placed on the rear bumper was moved under the trunk floor. Now it even looks like a tall hatchback. It still has some of the most original design solutions in the whole crossover class and some of the lines borrowed from Toyota Venza and Highlander.

Interior design of 2015 Toyota RAV4 is not the brightest spot in RAV4 design. Ot comes with a nice two tone interior design, but the whole cabin is made with materials that are more low cost than premium. This makes its cabin look little bit more 80’s than it should, so we are still not sure was this done intentionally or not. Front seats come with a good support, while back seat feels a little flat, especially for the longer rides. One of the things that’s bad about this model comparing to other crossovers is the lack of the third row seats. RAV4 never came with a third row, but large number of vehicles it is competing with, have them.

2015 Toyota Rav4 rear view

2015 Toyota Rav4 Engine range and Specs

Performance segment in this years model comes with improved top of the line V6 engine. Base engine is able to produce 178 horsepower. It is paired with six speed automatic transmission and if driven in the Sport Six mode it is able to reach 60 mph in less than eight seconds, which is a great result even for compact cars. For $1,400 you will get a full time four wheel drive. RAV4 is quite good when it goes off road; it has 6,3 inches of ground clearance, which is little bit less than Subaru Outback.

2015 Toyota Rav4 interior

Price details

Price of the 2015 Toyota RAV4 in the base version is $23,680. It is still one of the least expensive crossovers, despite its huge popularity.

2015 Toyota Rav4 side view 2

2015 Toyota Rav4 Safety options

The 2015 Toyota RAV4 has a respectable safety lineup, with 8 airbags as standard tools, consisting of knee airbags. A Bluetooth hands-free interface and also a rearview camera are also typical across the board, and also blind-spot screens with cross-traffic informs are readily available on the great trim degree.

Its security ratings, however, aren’t very first-class. While the almost the same 2015 design hasn’t been fully rated by either the NHTSA or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), we have 2014 rankings to take place in the meantime. The NHTSA prices the 2014 with four celebrities total, with 5 stars for side crash and also four each for frontal and rollover.


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