2014 Audi TT Quattro Sport Concept – Review

Audi has actually disclosed the harsh new 2014 Audi TT Quattro Sport, meaning the next-generation TT-RS design. With our Audi TT quattro sporting activity principle program vehicle, we wanted to demonstrate just what the brand-new TT’s modern technology can do if you take it an action further,” Hackenberg shared in a statement. “This automobile is made for racing– a harsh driving device for the motorsports enthusiasts amongst our consumers.”.

2014 Audi TT Quattro Sport Concept side 2

Styling – Exterior & Interior

The flat Matrix LED headlights and the broad Singleframe grill control the research study’s front end. The grill’s striking frame shows the quattro logo and holds the dark diamond-pattern grill.

Via their obvious sides, the considerable air intakes– which additionally feature diamond-pattern grills– appear practically like put airboxes. They thus illustrate a key element in the brand-new Audi TT’s style language: elements like the greenhouse and wheel arcs create the impression of being specific bodies, therefore generating the typical tension. The program vehicle leans on 20-inch wheels with a central locking system and semi-slick tires.

A splitter made from carbon-fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) extends toward the front to round off the front end near the bottom and boost the downforce on the front axle.
2014 Audi TT Quattro Sport Concept side
The shape of the 2014 Audi TT quattro sporting activity concept– which showcases a paint surface totally in Crystal White– is sports and powerful from every angle. Common for a TT, the wheel curves type the classic semicircles. They prolong 30 millimeters (1.18 in) further than on the series-production vehicle on every side, offering the auto’s stance while driving a decidedly positive air. They are hooked up by strongly highlighted sill trimmings. Their lower sectors are made of CFRP. Along with the splitter and the rear diffuser, which stretch right to the wheel arcs, they develop an aerodynamically effective shape.

On the rear, the broad CFRP diffuser that extends past the car contour underlines the program car’s auto racing personality. Defined by upright sides, the diffuser borders 2 large, fully circular tailpipes that are found additionally exterior compared to on the series-production car; big air electrical outlets are positioned on the sides beneath the taillights. A big, fixed wing raises the downforce on the back of the Audi TT quattro sporting activity principle.
2014 Audi TT Quattro Sport Concept interior
Inside styling

The show automobile inside has actually been lowered to the basics, eliminating numerous elements that are dispensable on the nationality circuit.

The door panels have actually been stripped of armrests and speakers– the interior is distinguisheded by Alcantara. A leading skewing strip of Alcantara functions as a door pull handle, the door openers showcase a filigree design. Low-set racing buckets serve as seats, featuring black four-point seat belts with white accentuating red stripes. The baggage compartment offers room for 2 racing helmets.
2014 Audi TT Quattro Sport Concept front
The same as in the series-production TT, the controls are developed purely for the vehicle driver. The 2014 Audi TT quattro sport principle’s pilot has his practical a compact wheel with a noticable rim that flattens out near the bottom. The guiding wheel’s spokes house the red start/stop button together with the primaries and rotating buttons for operating the Audi online cockpit. Depending upon exactly what the motorist collections, the completely electronic tool collection’s 12.3-inch display shows various views.

2014 Audi TT Quattro Sport Engine

Power originates from the very same 2.0 TFSI four-cylinder fuel engine you’ll locate in the TT and TTS, yet here it’s been cranked up to 414bhp. Top energy can be found in at 6700rpm, the engine is redlined at 7200rpm, and there’s also 332lb ft readily available from 2400 to 6300rpm.

A cast alloy cylinder crankcase, revised turbocharged, brand-new aluminium lightweight pistons and an ultra-high-strength forged steel crankshaft support create (and deal) with the boost outputs.
2014 Audi TT Quattro Sport Concept back
Include in a 1344kg kerbweight, Audi’s Quattro four-wheel drive system and a dual-clutch S-tronic gearbox, and the Audi TT Quattro Sport is asserted to scuttle to 62mph in just 3.7 secs. And the Quattro system is pretty fool too: the clutch pack situated on the back axle is online regulated, as on a Ferrari 458 and Mercedes SLS Black Series.


With its innovative framework– McPherson tire suspension with light weight aluminum elements at the front and a four-link format at the back– the Audi TT quattro sporting activity idea supplies sharp, exact race car handling. The rigid system brings the physical body more detailed to the road when compared to the series-production TT. 54 percent of the weight leans on the front axle, 46 percent on the back. ESC electronic stablizing control, which can be partially or completely deactivated, complements the suspension’s stylish character.
2014 Audi TT Quattro Sport Concept engine
When catching, wheel-selective torque control starts. If essential, drive torque is transferred from the wheels on the within of the flex to those outside. Thanks to the distribution of torque, the automobile turns very somewhat into the edge, helping the vehicle driver. This permits precise and neutral cornering and the TT significantly improves its dynamism and security.

Production and Release

Without reference regarding whether this warm TT will certainly ever make production, the 2014 Audi Quattro Sport Concept will likely be the impact for a future TT-RS. If it looks like the Concept looks, we certainly can not stand by to drive one. The exact release date and price are not known, yet.


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