2015 Toyota Matrix – Review and Release date

The new 2015 Toyota Matrix is a model that was raised out of the famous Toyota Corolla line of Japanese car manufacturer. It is being assembled in Canada, in town of Cambridge, state of Ontario. Production of this vehicle was a joint venture of Toyota Motors and GM in United States. GM’s model was released under the name Pontiac Vibe.

These two vehicles are based on a same platform and have common parts accept the outshell of the car which is designed to be similar to manufacturer’s other models. Toyota Matrix have been assembled in United States for some time, but that production was discontinued on 2013, since that date this model is only being assembled in Canada.

2015 Toyota Matrix side view

2015 Toyota Matrix Design – New Look and Changes

2015 Toyota Matrix will have the same old wagon aspiring to become a crossover look. We think that its outside features are not going to change much from the last 2014 model. Toyota is probably planning to keep some sporty details from last year like rear spoiler and aerodynamic front part. Toyota Matrix will come with front and rear fog lights, LED headlights and heated driver mirrors.

2015 Toyota Matrix rear view 2

Last models of Toyota Matrix had very generous front and backseat leg space, as well as the cargo area, so we think these positive sides of the 2014 model are not going to be changed in 2015. It will come with power adjustable front and back seats, power windows and locks, some cool hi tech features like Bluetooth, USB port, memory card slot, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, air conditioning and much more.

2015 Toyota Matrix engine

2015 Toyota Matrix Engine and Equipment

In standard package Toyota Matrix will probably come with 1.8-litre V4, that can pull out 132 horsepowers and 128 lb pt of torque. It will have standard five speed manual transmission like in the previous model and maybe with 6 speed automatic or even CVT. Like in 2014 version, Toyota Matrix will probably only come in version with front wheel drive. One of the best features in new Toyota Matrix will probably be its fuel efficiency. 2014 Toyota Matrix have 30 mpg on highway and 38 mpg in city driving conditions, so we think that the 2015 model will have at least the same figures if not even better.

2015 Toyota Matrix side view 3

Price and Release date

Price of this model is still unknown as well as the release date, Toyota is still being secretive about it.

We are waiting in vain for the comeback of this vehicle to American market, although this car’s production has been discontinued because of poor sales on American market we think that with some minor adjustments and better campaign this vehicle can come back in a big way.


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