2015 Renault Twingo

2015 Renault Twingo– is the latest straight of well-known city cars from the French maker. Yet the next generation Twingo, to be released later on this year, will certainly additionally carry the fabulous Renault 5 Turbo’s DNA, courtesy of a rear-engined, back wheel drive layout.

This auto had beginning at Geneva Auto Show last week. New version makes some changes and news unlike the previous model. The brand-new Twingo very appears like the Fiat 500 which is a lovely little hatchback and Renault has actually derived the most recent Twingo from the Twin’Z and Twin’Run principles. The Twingo name sounds really cool and after viewing the motor vehicle’s layout, it is very easy to presume that Renault is intending to target the young people with this small hatchback.

2015 Renault Twingo 2

Styling – Inside and Outside

What is unique in the Renault Twingo is even though it is a 5-door car, its engine is placed at the rear and power is routed to the back tires. Renault asserts that they have actually freed up a bunch of space with this positioning and it would certainly additionally help in far better handling. The tires have actually been positioned at the severe edges of the automobile and this in turn has enabled the maker to create even more indoor space for travelers. Renault asserts the wheelbase of the Twingo could actually be compared with cars which are one section above. The Twingo will certainly gauge between 3.5-metres to 3.7-metres and this will really boost the convenience of manoeuvrability, specifically in packed and slim city roadways.

2015 Renault Twingo 5

The brand-new Renault Twingo generation is sharing the very same platform with the next-gen Smart ForTwo and its interior design has an easy dashboard, a touch monitor show on high end models, a 50/50 folding rear seat, 219-liter payload capacity, 52 litres from various other stowage remedies, the R-Link multimedia system, R & GO application and much more.

2015 Renault Twingo side view

In the picture listed below we can view that there is only one headrest on the left side of the rear seat, which means that the second one is on the appropriate side, while between there is no headrest. This means that the back can suit simply 2 adults, and that this tiny model will have more than enough room for only 4 people. Nonetheless, I presume that the rear has enough area for 3 children.

2015 Renault Twingo interior

The Engine and Features

Renault authorities have actually shared that the Twingo is influenced by the Renault 5 and they would like to develop a product that would certainly look fresh and stick out from the crowd.

Power to the brand new 2015 Renault Twingo Generation is being given by a 0.9 liter TCe turbocharged engine, which is rated at 90 HP (66 kW) and 135 Nm (100 lb-ft) of torque. The company is also providing the 70 HP (51 kW) and 91 Nm (67 lb-ft) of torque 1.0 liter engine. Both devices have actually obtained a 5-speed manual transmission, which is sending out energy to the rear tires. The 2015 Renault Twingo will certainly go on sale in the second fifty percent of this year.

2015 Renault Twingo Release date and Price

The world premiere manufacturing vehicle is planned for September following year when the set up Paris Motor Show. Details about price are not known yet, but some rumors say that price is not more different than previous model. Official Informations about when this edition will be in showrooms are not known, but we can expect on the end of this year.


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