2015 Toyota Sienna Hybrid – Review and Specs

Although Toyota Sienna had most of the positive features expected from a mini-van, somehow sales of this model didn’t go as high as people from Toyota expected. Now they are ready to change it completely for the next year. Toyota Camry which became one of the most popular cars in US shares highly revised platform with Sienna. Now Toyota wants to make next 2015 Toyota Sienna Hybrid ’s campaign similar to the one that lucky Camry had in the United States and make it one of the best selling mini-vans out there.

Redesign and Changes

One thing Toyota’s definitely not going to change is space available inside the car. Some people called Sienna ‘’box on wheels’’ which tells enough about the functionality of this mini-van. Although there are a lot of useful updates that can be added to this mobile storage room. One of those is definitely a better navigation system, dashboard and more connectivity options. Also heated seats might be a new option since Sienna’s predominantly a family car. These types of cars always need to have interesting entertainment options like DVD’s, good stereo system, TV, wireless function etc, so the kids can enjoy the ride in their own little world with their rear seat entertainment.

2015 Toyota Sienna Hybrid road

Exterior will also change. ‘’Box on wheels’’ nickname tells a lot not just about spacey interior, but also about Sienna’s plain and not so attractive exterior design. Supposedly Toyota plans to redesign the bumpers, front and back. There are also rumors about lessening Sienna’s bodyweight to make car faster and more fuel efficient. Works on bodyweight are standard with new Toyota models because fuel efficiency is becoming more and more important every year.

2015 Toyota Sienna Hybrid interior

Under the Hood and Features

Biggest new feature for 2015. Model is the new hybrid concept. Last years Sienna models have 3,5 liter engine, with 266 hp and 245 pound-feet of torque. New hybrid concept will drastically increase fuel efficiency. New motor will make around 277 hp, and 2015 Sienna will keep six speed automatic transmission like in the 2014 model and a 4WD.

2015 Toyota Sienna Hybrid engine

2015 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Price

All predicaments for the new price go around $30,000, which is not much more then the price of the last year’s model. Release date is still unknown, but we believe Toyota will announce the release date soon.
Toyota is a very dynamic and they can’t afford producing models which are not at the top of the best selling cars lists. What’s one of the most important things in this matter is the model’s campaign itself. If they can make 2015 Sienna’s campaign, as good as Toyota Camry’s campaign was last few years, we’ll have one popular Toyota mini-van to write about in the future.


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