2015 Toyota Prius – Review and Price

Toyota encounters something of a crossroads with the upcoming fourth-generation Prius. The game-changing hybrid’s well-known shape stands for more than merely brilliant fuel-saving motoring to its devoted owners. For much better or even worse, the Prius holds cultural and social money past its functional attributes, and to change the design is to welcome hazard. The 2015 Toyota Prius will need to walk a line in between doubters and loyalists.

Just what will transform?

Almost every little thing. Toyota is preparing a radically different, all-new-from-the-pavement-up 2015 Prius gasoline-electric hybrid and Prius plug-in Hybrid. Toyota has launched a few nuggets concerning the fourth-generation Prius, including word that fuel economic situation will be significantly better. A new outside design will certainly enhance wind resistant efficiency, while a new framework behind the slab steel will lower the car’s center of gravity and vow better handling.
2015 Toyota Prius
It is expected that the Prius Plug-in Hybrid will replicate the basic Prius’s brand-new design and mechanical modifications. This sneak peek covers the Prius Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid four-door hatchback, known formally as the Prius Liftback. It accounts for the extensive bulk of Prius sales. Toyota likewise markets the a little bigger Prius v wagon and the subcompact Prius c hatchback, which would certainly be in line for updates sometime after model-year 2015.

Styling and Design

While the outside styling will certainly transform dramatically it will certainly still be recognizable as a Prius. A totally revamped interior will showcase updated materials with a conventional instrument collection rather of the main gauge design of previous Prius dashboards.
2015 Toyota Prius mechanical
Toyota says it has reengineered its Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain for the 2015 Prius. Specifically, the current 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine will be customized and will be amongst the globe’s most reliable, the company says. Furthermore, electric motors will certainly be smaller sized yet much more powerful, and the nickel-hydride battery pack will have a greater density that will extend the electric-only driving variety from today’s one mile approximately.

2015 Toyota Prius rear

The 2015 Prius Plug-in will certainly additionally take advantage of advanced battery innovation with a lithium-ion battery pack that will raise its all-electric driving miles from today’s 11 approximately. It’s expected that both the non-plug and plug-in Prius will be offered for the initial time with four-wheel drive.

2015 Toyota Prius gas economy

Toyota says fuel economic climate for the revamped Prius Liftback will certainly enhance 10 percent from the present EPA estimate of 51/48/50 mpg city/highway/combined. That pencils out to 56/52/55 mpg. Making use of the EPA miles each gallon-equivalent (mpge) for electrical propulsion, anticipate the 2015 Prius Plug-in Hybrid to rate 105 mpge. Running in “common” gas-electric-hybrid method, the Plug-in must price 56/54/55 mpg.
2015 Toyota Prius


Although very early records showed that the Toyota NS4 Advanced Plug-In hybrid principle it showed in Detroit in 2012 offered a sneak peak at the styling for the fourth-generation Prius, you would certainly never ever think it by the shape of the automobile in these photographs. Aerodynamics play a major role in any vehicle focused on efficiency, so we anticipate it to be smooth, yet the account of the automobile pictured above is a close to carbon copy of the current model.

Features and Specs

The 2015 Prius will certainly again brim with imaginative technology, including solar-charged climate control, self parking, laser sensor boat trip control, and lane-wander payment. And it will present undefined “sophisticated safety technologies.” Purchasers of the Plug-in hybrid could anticipate a brand-new wireless inductive asking for device to reenergize the battery without the hassle of a wire.
2015 Toyota Prius 3


Anticipate the 2015 standard Prius to proceed with 4 grades labeled Prius Two, Three, Four, and Five. The Plug-in Hybrid will likely duplicate with a base model that’s about equal to the Prius Three, and the Advanced model, which must return as the highest-priced Prius hatchback.

Expect a base-price assortment of $25,400-$31,200 for the 2015 Prius requirement version and $31,000-$36,000 for the 2013 Prius Plug-in Hybrid. Prius Plug-in purchasers could again apply for a government tax credit report of around $2,500, in addition to extra state tax credits.


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